CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

Eindhoven, North Brabant, Netherlands · Engineering


We are looking for a world-class CTO to lead our engineering team to the next level and accelerate our path to building ‘the Amazon of learning’.

We believe education without boundaries enriches lives and can connect our world. World history has a window of only a couple of years where one entrepreneurial, passionate team will digitize global education choice, and through that make it more reliable/fact based, more convenient, accessible, and cheaper. Studyportals is well on its way and absolutely determined to fill that gap, to be THE digital information platform of choice for students who are looking to optimize their educational paths, globally.

Are you an experienced engineering leader ready to scale and develop a passionate engineering team from 40 to 100 FTE? Are you looking for an opportunity with large social impact? Do you care about education, transparency, data-driven decisions and global equality of opportunities?

Company Profile

Studyportals is the fastest growing online education choice platform in the world and well on its way to become a large, market defining organization. We help students find the study that fit them the best and provide result based student recruitment solutions for universities around the world.. Our mission is to make education choice transparent globally. In 2017, nearly 30 million students used our websites to find the perfect study programme. We offer international marketing and recruitment solutions used by more than 3,000 participating universities in 114 countries.

As a world-class Chief Technology Officer you have a proven track-record in leading. You will ensure Studyportals is the undisputed number one platform in the world that helps students choose the best-fit study, and universities to recruit best fit students, on the basis of data. You know the engineering challenges of a fast-growing company inside out. You will drive the technology vision and roadmap to build reliable and forward thinking platforms to help us grow a data driven, highly scalable and innovative company.

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