Junior Software Engineer

Eindhoven, North Brabant, Netherlands · Engineering


We’re out to solve one of the most burning problems in the world today: How do we effectively connect people from all around the world to the global education opportunities, in a way that is useful and relevant for them? You can help us solve that problem by becoming our next Software Engineer! If you are passionate about problem-solving and like to work in a crazy, kind and performance-driven team, then keep on reading.

Our challenge is to build, adapt, and create the biggest education search platform in the world, bringing absolute transparency and reliability to international higher education. That is why we have been putting a lot of work and proverbial sweat into creating platforms (www.mastersportal.com or www.bachelorsportal.com for example) that are valuable to students and agile-enough for the demands of the international education industry. We are both student- and university-centered and encourage our stakeholders to be the main architects of our online platforms. You can help us bring our platforms to the next level.

Why do we need you?

The technology behind Studyportals’ platforms is mostly based on TypeScript and AWS Services with some legacy systems build in PHP7. Virtually, all of our systems have been developed in-house and are in compliance with modern quality standards. We work in a service-oriented architecture, powered by our own RESTful API and AWS. In parallel, we are scaling up our infrastructure, moving more towards AWS. That is because we want to get the most benefits out of the large variety of infrastructure and services available. Here is where we need your help.

Your challenge: Design and implement functional web interfaces, along with the full structure behind it.

As an Engineer, you will play an important role in further developing our infrastructure using AWS and other services. This will be the base of all our future products. Your responsibilities range from working on the core of our systems all the way up to producing proof-of-concept web applications. The Front-End Developers and UX designers will help you to turn your proof-of-concept applications into true and performant “online experiences”.

Who will you work with?

You will work in a multidisciplinary, international Scrum Team of about five people, taking input from our visual designers, UX Designers and our Stakeholders. Your goal will be to put out the best implementations possible. We are currently focusing on becoming more data-driven, expanding our continuous deployment process and test-driven development.


Do you have what it takes to be our Software Engineer at Studyportals?

As a software engineer, you aim to build scalable web applications. The mindset that you should bring to the team is that your skill-set should not be limited to writing good code only (that’s great, but it won’t be enough here). You are ambitious to reach your goals and are able to work independently, as well as in a team. Sounds good? Great! The following requirements are necessary to be successful in this position:

Once here, you will:

What you will bring along:



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